Mint to Lope

aka, Minnie

Minnie came to us from The Leaning Post Ranch, where she also worked as a therapy horse. Prior to her career as a therapist, she competed in the show ring and spent time doing competitive trail. She is an even-tempered mare, who loves children...and loves to eat. 


the Wry-nose Beauty

Bella came to us from Linda Carver. She was rescued from a life of neglect and abuse, and, after much love and healing, is a healthy and social sweetheart.  She now returns that love to help heal her people.  Bella's big personality and attention-seeking behaviors make her a favorite with the children, who are also her favorite. 


aka: Black Beauty

Sasha is a quarter horse mare who was rehabilitated by Linda Carver and now lives a leisurely life next door to Spero. Every Friday morning she walks across the pasture to visit with her riders at Spero.  Sasha has a stoic personality which makes her tolerant and patient with her riders.  


aka: Khoko

Khoko is well-known in our community as a super horse. He has competed for the past 20 years in multiple disciplines, winning ribbons and championships. He was retired from the show ring in November 2018 and came to Spero in March of 2019 to start a second career as a therapy horse.  He is now the champion of many rider's hearts. 

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